TB Woods E-Trac WFC HT AC Inverter

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TB Woods E-Trac WFC HT AC Inverter

The WFCHT AC Inverter is pre-programmed to run a standard AC Induction motor; in many cases no additional programming is required. WFCHT's advanced digital keypad controls all operations of the inverter. The ten input keys allow "Press and Run" operation of the motor and straightforward programming of the parameters. To simplify the programming further, the parameters are separated into three programming levels. The digital keypad controls the WFCHT in both the operating and programming modes.

The WFCHTSeries Inverter has been designed to provide the greatest level of information possible to the operator through an easily readable 2x16 character Back Lit LCD alpha-numeric display, including data on drive and motor status, fault information and parameter values. The restart display is present whenever power is applied to the inverter or a fault condition is reset. It will be displayed for about one second during which time the computer is checking various functions within the inverter. During normal operation, the operating display will provide important information about the inverter and load.

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