About Us

We are Eugene’s Marketplace for  Scrap Metal Recycling.

We also carry Pre-Owned Industrial Surplus Equipment.

 Welcome to Industrial Surplus Oregon: 

 Recycling services: All facets of the recycling industry while our diversification of abilities allows us to be a one-stop-shop for every customer.  Our streamlined approach has been crafted from decades listening to customers and adapting to their needs.

Products: We have a huge variety and large inventory of industrial equipment. Our staff can provide you with the equipment you need, when you need it and at a fair price! Industrial Surplus Oregon is a seller of good quality used equipment.

Our facility, located in Eugene, Oregon, has the ability to ship nationwide. Our sales staff is experienced in helping you select the proper equipment for your application.

You'll find a large selection of used machinery including fabricating equipment, all types of presses, machine tools, and all kinds of metalworking, woodworking machinery. We continue to always buy used machinery and equipment. Contact us and we’ll help you.

You never know exactly what you’ll find when you visit our website, or location. We have equipment for all sizes of facilities, ranging from small machine shops to huge factories.

However, you can count on one thing: Industrial Surplus always will have a huge selection of industrial surplus at great prices.

Our customers can make the best choice for their needs and feel confident in knowing that they are getting a good deal on equipment and machinery.

We also, welcome offers from customers. On every online product you can send us an offer via email. The offer will be reviewed and either accepted or rejected, with the possibility of a counter offer coming back from Industrial Surplus Oregon.

Browse our Ebay Store to see our current online auctions and great bargains!