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Sonoscan C-SAM D-24
Semi-Automated Acoustic Micro Imaging with Large Coverage
Selling as-is / for parts

Advanced Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) & Ultrasonic NDT from Sonoscan finds critical defects in the bonding between layers or the integrity of materials. 


  • Extra-large Inertially Balanced Linear Scanner with counterweight to minimize vibrations and ensure optimal scanning results
  • AutoScan™ allows you to program specific scan parameters and coordinates to quickly and repeatedly analyze specific regions of interest on multiple samples • Digital Image Analysis (DIA)™ uses advanced algorithms to quantify the acoustic data and allows you to set accurate, automatic, accept/reject criteria
  • Multi-Language OS & Visual Acoustics™ interface allows technicians and operators to work in their native language. Includes English, Chinese and Japanese
  • Temperature control options to maintain precise water temperature and ensure consistent imaging throughout the day, regardless of changes in ambient air temperature
  • Applications Setup Wizard™ and C-SAM Interactive™ help users easily learn and set up new applications for optimal results
  • Quantitative B-Scan Analysis Mode (Q-BAM)™ incorporates Sonoscan’s proprietary B-scan mode to provide a virtual cross-sectional view with accurate polarity and depth data

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