Martin Sabertooth 60BS16HT-1

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Martin60BS16HT 1

SABER Finished Bore Sprocket - 60 / 3/4 in, Bored to Size, 1.0000 in Bore , 16 Teeth, Steel Material

  • These finished bore sprockets are hardened, shaft ready and come complete with keyways and setscrews.
  • The keyways are on center line of the tooth.
  • Bored to size sprockets with ½ inch bores and smaller are stocked with (2) setscrews only.
  • Tolerances meet or exceed ANSI standards
  • Manufactured of high carbon steel
  • Precise machining and processes ensure consistent finish and high quality
  • Bores are concentric to pitch line, minimizing run out
  • 2 set screws-keyed on centerline of tooth
  • Enhanced depth and location of heat treatment increases life of part.

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