McBain Z Scope Microscope

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McBain Z Scope - $2500 (just reduced)

Manual or motorized systems (stepper, servo and linear motor options)
Cross roller bearings
Choice of 4", 6", 8" or 12" precision stages (reflected or transmitted light)
X and Y resolution to 0.1 micron
Z resolution to 0.5 micron
Binocular eyepieces and/or camera (digital or analog)
Simple Digital Read Out (DRO) to full CNC control
Broad magnification options: low power macro and stereo optics to high-power compound optics (5x–2000x)
Optics choices: brightfield, darkfield, DIC, POL, LWD, ULWD
Benchtop and stand-alone integrated systems
Granite, base plates
Ergonomic options include tilting observation head, 3-axis joystick controls and ergo tables
LED, fiber optic or halogen illumination
Basic to integrated workstation vibration isolation choices

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