Denison PV20-2R1B-C00 PV Series Variable Displacement Piston Pump

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Denison PV20-2R1B-C00 PV Series
Variable Displacement Piston Pump

Please see photos (there's some PV20 model info in photos, too)

The below was found online (regarding this make/series):
The PV/PVT series pumps are variable displacement open circuit piston pumps with a design emphasis on operation economy. These axial piston pumps for open loop operation are suitable for rear drive in the PVT series configuration.
The PV/PVT pumps have a displacement of 0.88 to 7.93 cu. in/rev. (14,4 to 130,0 cc/rev.) with a continuous working pressure up to 4000 psi (280 bar): The pumps can be equipped with a pressure compensator, ventable compensator, load sensing or power limit control.

1. maximum volume adjustment
2. fast compensator response- 50 ms. off-stroke, 120 ms on-stroke. Other controls available- ventable compensator, load sensing and power limiter
3. port plate- replaceable
4. smoother power and quieter operation- with nine-piston rotating group
5. adjustable compensator
6. key and spline conform to industry standard
7. SAE mounting- easily interchangeable with other SAE mounted pumps

· quiet operation- improves working conditions, low noise levels
· contamination tolerances- improves dependability and
·more power- because the PV’s high pressure ratings
· versatility- full power through drive to allow multiple pumps smaller can “downsize” and gain real
· convenience- side or rear port options for ease and
· high productivity- because of unique efficiency.
· greater safety- you can use fire resistant hydraulic fluids
· simple construction- for long, dependable service.
· tailor the flow- to your needs with the standard maximum
· interchangeable- with other SAE mounted 

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